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Welcome to AlternateWiki!

AlternateWiki is an encyclopedia of diverse different sections ranging from alternate history and future scenarios to full on fantasy universes. Each of these sections are a collection of innerconnected articles written from an in-universe perspective. There also exists the Standalone section for individual articles without other articles from its fictional world, and the Pseudopedia section for articles about our real world. Prepare to embark on a journey through limitless imagination and knowledge, where the boundaries of reality blur and new worlds unfold.

Total number of articles: 111
Number of uploaded files: 295
Number of edits: 4,668

How to Get Started

To get started, go to AlternateWiki:How to create an article which provides a basic tutorial on how to create an article. You can also message User:Tombricks (tombricks on Discord or @tombruchks on Twitter) for help with anything on the wiki and he will be happy to help.

Featured Sections[edit | edit source]

Articles Information
Standalone articles are articles which do not belong to any section and do not link to any other articles.
Pseudopedia articles focus on real topics in our real world, similar to Wikipedia. They require some basic, though not in-depth, sourcing. Topics may be obscure or simply not found on Wikipedia.
The Den Chronicles
The Den Chronicles is a history of the HOI4 Modding Den since its founding in 2017.
Imperium Britannicum
Imperium Britannicum covers the rise and fall of the Imperial Commonwealth, a world-spanning empire ruled by the United Kingdom.
Axis of Liberation
Axis of Liberation is a scenario where Thomas Bricks leads Havering and Hurts leads St. Martin.
Workers of the World
Workers of the World is a scenario where the world in 1975 is locked in a cold war between the Soviet Union and China, fighting for dominance within the international communist movement. This is the 2022 version of the scenario.

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